Thanks, Trinidad!

Trinidad Robinson came to my office at UPenn to interview me for his 4th-grade Living History project. Lots of great questions. Thanks, Trinidad!


In this text I will be writing about an author named Lorene Cary. The things I’m writing in this text will be the answers to some questions I asked. The first question was when was she born. Her answer was that she was born in 1956 on November 19th, and she is now 60 years old.                                                                                                                           

The second question was what was she like as a child. Her answer was that she was mostly scared, but she tried to learn to be brave. She really liked to read a lot.                                                                                             

The third question was did she like school and what was it like. Her answer was she did not like it but she did like to learn. Here are some things she wished she could learn at school but couldn’t, science, fun books, slavery, the Caribbean, and violin. She also liked leaving class and liked her teacher too. In addition she also had a French teacher who had a beautiful mouth and always wore red lipstick. She was the only teacher that called them friends.

The fourth question was what made her famous. She said she writes books and many people read them.

The fifth question was how did she help people. She said that she started an organization that brought African American art to North Philadelphia for 5$. It was also a good program for high schoolers. It is called Art Sanctuary, and she gave me a mug because my mom is a teaching artist there now. She doesn’t own it anymore.

The sixth question was, what was something interesting about her she said.  she has a daughter who teaches snowboarding and another who is a college professor wants to teach comics. The seventh question was, why did she think it was important people know about her. She thinks it’s important that people read her books. The last question was, what is something about her other people might not know. She also said she has a grandfather from Barbados and she taught at the University of Trent in Trento, Italy.

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